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The Zomorrodi Lab is part of the Mucosal Immunology and Biology Research Center (MIBRC) at MassGeneral Hospital for Children and Harvard Medical School. We are always on the look-out for enthusiastic and talented scientists who are passionate about working as part of an inter-disciplinary research group in a clinical environment.

Funded positions

None at this time.

Unfunded positions

We have multiple openings in the following areas for self-funded or volunteer researchers, or for students who would like to perform their thesis or dissertation in our lab:

  1. Computationally investigate the role of gut microbiota in chronic diseases using genome-scale metabolic network models.
  2. Construct tissue-specific and whole-body computational models of the human metabolism 
  3. Systems immunometabolism through construction of integrated biological network models for immune cells
  4. Develop statistical and machine learning models to analyze longitudinal omics data

Skills needed for projects 1 – 3: Having a keen interest in computational research is the only requirement for and no prior mathematical or computer programming skills are needed. These projects do, however, require students to learn the necessary mathematical modeling concepts and computational simulation skills during the course of the project.

Skills needed for projects 4: A basic knowledge of statistics and computer programming in R or Python is required. For projects involving machine learning, a basic familiarity with machine learning is a plus but not a requirement.

Postdoctoral scholars

Self-funded postdoctoral candidates interested in joining the lab are welcome to contact Ali to discuss possible opportunities. Ideally candidates have a background in a quantitative field (such as computational biology, [bio]statistics, computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering) or in a life science/biomedicine field (such as microbiology, immunology, nutrition). Candidates may work on one of the existing projects in the lab or discuss a project of mutual interest.  

Clinical fellows 

Clinical fellow interested in translational research related to nutrition, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases or cancer are welcome to contact Ali to discuss/define a research topic that is of mutual interest (no prior research experience is required).

Graduate students

Self-funded graduate students interested in computational and systems biology research for both translational and non-translational problems may contact Ali to discuss possible opportunities. There are also opportunities for experimental research in the lab. 

Medical students

We have projects available for the HMS medical students to work as their scholarly projects. Please see “Unfunded positions” for examples of available projects. Interested students may contact Ali to discuss available projects.

Masters students

We have projects available for masters students to work as their thesis. Please see “Unfunded positions” for examples of available projects. Interested students may contact Ali to discuss available projects. Please note that we usually do not offer funding for masters students.

Undergraduate students

We will be happy to host aspiring and energetic undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience or who are looking for a thesis project. Ideally, we prefer undergraduate researchers who stay in the lab for at least six months. Please contact Ali to discuss available opportunities. 

How to apply?

Interested candidates should send a CV and a cover letter (as a single pdf file) to describing why they are interested in the lab and their current and future research interests. Please use “Research Opportunities in the Zomorrodi Lab” as the subject of your email.

The Zomorrodi Lab is committed to diversity and equality and encourages applications from underrepresented minorities.